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Let's learn Chinese online. You can listen to the Chinese phrases.(Internet Explorer only)
The voice model is Dong Ying, from the Shanxi Province of China.

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Greetings Introducing Yourself Courtesy Saying Goodbye
Where are you from? Transportation Traveling by Plane Basic Phrases
Asking for Directions (1) Asking for Directions (2) Taking a Taxi Going to the restroom
Currency (1) Currency (2) Currency (3) Currency (4)
Hotel & Accomodations (1) Hotel (2) Hotel (3) Hotel (4)
Hotel (5) Hotel (6) Hotel (7) Vocabulary
E-mail & Fax (1) E-mail & Fax (2) Health Problems (1) Health Problems (2)
Meals Food (1) Food (2) Food (3)
Fruits & Vegetables Utensils Sauces & Seasonings At Cafe
Beverages Drinks Drinking Chinese Wines
At Restaurant (1) At Restaurant (2) Ordering Food (1) Ordering Food (2)
Menu At Restaurant (3) Eating (1) Eating (2)
Cooking Tastes Buying Tickets Taking Pictures
Numbers (1) Numbers (2) Numbers (3) Mail
Shopping (1) Shopping (2) Shopping (3) Shopping (4)
Shopping (5) Survival Chinese Basic Questions What?
Taking a Seat Museums & Shows Trouble (1) Trouble (2)
Countries Cities Cities & Regions The sights
In Beijing (1) In Beijing (2) In Shanghai In Suzhou; Hangzhou
Making a Request (1) Making a Request (2) Talking about Feelings (1) Talking about Feelings (2)
Asking Permission Do You Understand? Weather (1) Weather (2)
Making a Phone Call (1) Making a Phone Call (2) Taking the Train Train Stations
Making Complaints Being Polite Asking a Question (1) Asking a Question (2)
the Calendar Weekdays Months and Seasons Family
Asking the Time (1) Asking the Time (2) Telling the Time Schedule
Hobbies & Interests Sports Comings and Goings (1) Comings and Goings (2)
Taking a Rest Warnings Asking Personal Questions Talking about Yourself
Learning Chinese Chinese Surnames Making an Appointment (1) Making an Appointment (2)
Making Small Talk (1) Making Small Talk (2) Making Small Talk (3) Agree & Disagree
Directions Study and School Making a Compliment Falling in Love
Holidays Literature Colors Other
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